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E.T aka Made by Betty

Lulu the Living doll and valley of dolls in Japan

Look! Posted on Mon, September 04, 2017 16:34:22

Nice inspiration

Look! Posted on Fri, May 05, 2017 11:32:55

Beautiful soles

Shoes Posted on Thu, May 04, 2017 23:45:08

Instuments i want to hear and see

Listen to this! Posted on Tue, April 04, 2017 14:33:46

Woow! This is so amazing. I really want to experience this place and instrument located underground in Luray Caverns.

It would not hurt to be part of a jam with Andy Thurlow and some of his self madeinstruments/sculptures either. What an artist.

Ken Butler and his instruments made out of trash its also very wow!


Listen to this! Posted on Fri, March 10, 2017 12:23:19

The Musical Slave – street musician and storyteller from Norway with a fantastic music video. Take a look and enjoy

Anna Vasof

Shoes Posted on Thu, March 09, 2017 15:42:23

Anna Vasof with so much good ideas : ) Shoeart on a high level. I have been so lucky to exhibit on the same exhibition as her on the SHOEting Stars in Vienna. For more cool shoes like this check, Virtual Shoes Museum

Kate Tempest with a new album

Listen to this! Posted on Thu, February 02, 2017 12:45:09

The album is called Let them eat Chaos. Its really good.
Under one old favorite of mine called Lonely Daze.

Monkey kids

Listen to this! Posted on Mon, January 09, 2017 16:19:07 by DIE DORAUS UND DIE MARINAS

Daniel Arsham

Look! Posted on Mon, January 09, 2017 15:18:32

Daniel Arsham, i find him very inspiring. He makes some really nice futuristic short films.

Under one of his shortfims with James Franco in a silver space suit, tampering with boomboxes, VHS tapes, and more sculpted from earthly materials including obsidian and volcanic ash.

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